• Humility and the Humiliation of Christ

    I prayed for humility once, and God was swift and generous in his humiliation. I didn’t pray again for several years for that particular virtue, but I should have. Humiliation, like the Spirit’s conviction, is never pleasant, but it is good. We’re in a series through Proverbs right now, and

  • Loss, and God’s Redemption through Family

    At a glance, what’s happening: The church ordained Phil Wells to the gospel ministry, and he is now serving as our missions pastor—what his first task? He’s headed to Poland in coordination with LBC Disaster Relief and Send Relief to work in the Ukrainian refugee camps there. We’ve also been

  • Two Stories of Redemption

    There are a thousand stories.  I’ll tell two:  You never know what part you’ll play in a person’s story of redemption. I think of the story we usually call the prodigal son, though really the story is about a father who longs for his children—both of them—to come feast with

  • March 2021

    There are a thousand stories; I’ll tell three (with changed names): One: I come early to church on Sundays to meet with John and Robyn. We spend an hour praying for the needs we encounter throughout the week and praising God for his provision; usually we run out of time.

  • What do you need?

    People ask us all the time, what do you need?  Well, mostly we need forgiveness, and Jesus, and prayer, and for you to come join in the church and take part.  But we also put together a list of things that would help around the church. We are so grateful

  • Ministry Update, October 2020

    I’ll say this for Vieux Carre Baptist Church—they really know how to break in a new pastor.  I started in late January, just a few weeks before Mardi Gras in the French Quarter.  One week after Mardi Gras, sickness swept through the church (we thought it was the flu).  And

  • Shower Fridays

    This video explains some of the heart and history behind our Shower Friday ministry to our neighbors experiencing homelessness. May God continue to lavish his grace upon us to continue to do his work in this place.